Casina Vanvitelliana

A jewel in the center of Lake Fusaro, a Vanvitellian-style house that hosted Frederick IV of Bourbon and which is still set up and can be visited today.

You too can experience a sunset with the little house in the background or let yourself be enchanted by the numerous guided tours or theatrical performances that are organized to help guests better imagine how life took place there and what the recreational activities were of the rulers of the time.

To attend a more theatrical tale of the history of Frederick IV we cannot fail to advise you to follow the page of Karma , a theater company that periodically creates this costume show in the little house to welcome its guests.

For more information on opening hours and costs we also leave you the official website of the casina here.


The Baths of Nero

The Baths of Nero in the Phlegraean Fields are not just a thermal site, but they stand as a bridge to a distant past, where the elegance and sophistication of Roman architecture blend seamlessly with the majesty and power of nature.

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