The Baths of Nero

The Baths of Nero in the Phlegraean Fields are much more than just a thermal site; they are a gateway to an ancient era where the elegance and creativity of Roman architecture merge with the formidable power of nature. Dating back around 2,000 years, these baths have been a haven, a place of healing and socialization for the Romans, who placed immense value on the therapeutic and regenerative properties of the thermal waters. Legend has it that these baths were particularly dear to Nero, who considered them a sanctuary for contemplation and escape.

Thermal Services: A Regenerative Experience

Today, the Baths of Nero offer a wide array of treatments that blend age-old traditions with the latest wellness techniques. Among the services available are:

  • Thermal Baths: Leveraging the intrinsic healing properties of mineral-rich waters, the thermal baths provide a complete relaxation and rejuvenation experience.
  • Beauty Treatments: Utilizing natural elements like mud masks and mineral exfoliations, the beauty treatments at the Baths of Nero rejuvenate the skin and promote overall well-being.
  • Therapeutic Massages: With a wide range available, these massages aim to reduce stress, improve circulation, and enhance overall wellness.
  • Wellness Paths: Combining various treatments, these personalized paths offer a holistic experience that engages the body, mind, and spirit.

An Indelible Mark on Local Culture

The Baths of Nero are more than just a place of wellness; they are a symbol of the culture and history of the Phlegraean Fields. Their presence has left a mark on the architecture, economy, and social fabric of the region, making them a fundamental point of reference for understanding both the past and present of this unique area.

Exclusive Wellness Experiences

Through our partnership with the Baths of Nero, we offer our guests privileged access to a wide range of thermal services and wellness treatments. Surrounded by a landscape of unparalleled beauty, you can enjoy revitalizing treatments, thermal baths that utilize the natural healing properties of the region’s waters, and customized wellness paths, designed to rejuvenate both body and spirit.

Let us know your interest at the time of booking, and we will take care of organizing your day of relaxation.


The Baths of Nero

The Baths of Nero in the Phlegraean Fields are not just a thermal site, but they stand as a bridge to a distant past, where the elegance and sophistication of Roman architecture blend seamlessly with the majesty and power of nature.

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