Archaeological Park of Cuma

The first landing of the Greeks in Italy, the colony of Cumae.

Here you can visit the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Jupiter, the famous Sybil’s Cave and many other finds.

In particular, the story of the Cumaean Sibyl, a young virgin who had received the gift of predicting the future, is fascinating.

she She used to retire to caves and caverns to practice her divinatory art. Her cave aroused fear and disquiet. Torches placed on either side of the gallery illuminated the way to reach the center of the room where her guests could meet her. Here she listened to the eager who sought answers to any kind of question. After the completion of a rite, the priestess questioned the oracle and issued the outcome of the requests on leaves which then flew away with the wind.

One day, however, this girl fell madly in love with the God Apollo who in exchange for her love promised to fulfill any wish. The young woman asked for her immortality, but forgot to ask for her youth too. Over the centuries the Sibyl aged until it became small and shriveled. Apollo placed her in a small cage in her Den to preserve it, until all that remained of her was her voice.


The Baths of Nero

The Baths of Nero in the Phlegraean Fields are not just a thermal site, but they stand as a bridge to a distant past, where the elegance and sophistication of Roman architecture blend seamlessly with the majesty and power of nature.

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