A few km from Bacoli you can find the city of Pozzuoli, one of the oldest Roman cities, famous for being the holiday destination of the rich of the time and which today hosts not only numerous archaeological sites to visit, but a wonderful seafront, an enchanting historic center and numerous bars and typical restaurants that deserve to be visited.

It is possible to reach it by public transport starting from Torregaveta or Fusaro with the cumana, or by car in just 15 minutes.

Whether you want to visit the Flavian Amphitheater, the Temple of Serapis, the Rione Terra or even just have an aperitif at sunset on the seafront, Pozzuoli knows how to be the right destination during your holiday in the Phlegraean Fields.


The Baths of Nero

The Baths of Nero in the Phlegraean Fields are not just a thermal site, but they stand as a bridge to a distant past, where the elegance and sophistication of Roman architecture blend seamlessly with the majesty and power of nature.

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