Submerged Park of Baia

Just 1.5 km from our hotel you can find the port of Baia. This is not only famous for being a good starting point for visiting the Gulf of Naples, but as soon as you leave the dock, it hides an entire submerged archaeological park under its waters with statues still intact and flooring from the Roman era. / p>

There are two ways to visit this fascinating archaeological park:

  • the first, simpler, thanks to the tours that depart from the port of Baia with a special boat that will allow the guest to go below deck and admire the seabed through the transparent walls of the boat hull ;
  • the second, for the more adventurous, through the various seasonal night tours that, thanks to specialized guides, allow you to visit the submerged park diving with the appropriate equipment to be able to pretend to still walk on those roads and in those temples that are now part of the past.

For more information you can consult the submerged park website which you can find by clicking here.


The Baths of Nero

The Baths of Nero in the Phlegraean Fields are not just a thermal site, but they stand as a bridge to a distant past, where the elegance and sophistication of Roman architecture blend seamlessly with the majesty and power of nature.

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